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Dimensions of the Soul

In my series called "The Soul's Journey", figurative and landscape depictions offer deeper insights into various dimensions of our spirit.

I warmly invite you to Tés, to my studio, where you can be part of an exciting journey into the depths of our souls.

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How Does the Free Studio Visit Work?

In the studio, you can view my works and get a glimpse into the private creative space where my paintings and graphics come to life.

We can discuss art, the process of creation, and I'm happy to answer your questions. Through the studio visit, you can get closer to the conceptualization, underlying content, and background of my works, and also explore the region that inspires me every day.

I welcome you with refreshments, coffee, tea, and small treats. I can welcome several people at the same time (relatives, friends, up to 3-4). Strangers cannot book the same time slot to ensure I can focus fully on you. You also have the opportunity to purchase my artworks on the spot.

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About the Artist

Ars poetica

I am grateful that art is a part of my life. The process of creation full of excitement makes me complete, makes me feel who I am. It's the true flow for me. In my latest works I seek what lies beyond the visible, what unites the spiritual landscape and intellectual figurativity.

My pictures mainly start with a foundation of expressive, gestural painting that refines during the depiction. Layer by layer, I restrain a powerful and intuitive expression reflected to my emotions. My inner world often takes the form of a landscape on the canvas initially, and I build further upon this foundation.

The impermanence of the human body, the immortality, perpetuity, elusiveness and fragility of the soul are reflected in my artworks.

The woman, the questions of female existence are also central to my interest.The diversity of our roles, constant renewal, creating balance between qualities, and the formation of the human character from different life stages and experiences deeply engage me. Life leaves imprints on us externally and internally, but the soul can heal just as our negative moments can be overridden, allowing us to be recreated in our existence and live a fuller, more light-packed life. This is what I seek in my private life and in art.

Viktória Pál, Painter

What Others Say About Me

"Speaking about Viktoria Pál's painting, I would like to draw your attention to a very exciting coincidence, namely the coincidence of human and professional values. The potential of her personality and the many ways in which she has been able to transform experiences into painterly textures are increasingly complex in her work. His visual landscape solutions, dominated by expressive painterly traces, are excitingly combined with figurative and objective elements.

Balancing and shaping her painterly vocabulary and message on the border between the abstract and the concrete, her motifs are a striking expression of the experiences and complex multi-layered forms of femininity."
DLA. habil, a doc. Gábor Nagy
Munkácsy Award-winning painter 29 January 2024
"Fragments of Viki Pál's paintings.

... lyrical expressivity-gestalt-esthesia-conscious construction layer by layer ...
... transcendence-special geometry-the fragility of human existence-the immortality of the soul ...
... the feminine existence-motherhood-the fragments of life lived-inner peace, serenity ...
... mysterious spaces-geometric structures-elements of the landscape emanating from reality-unique use of color ...

Caspar David Friedrich / William Blake / Odilon Redon / Klimt / Mucha / Laotrec

... She does women's painting without babbling, without prettifying."
László Kurcsis
graphic artist 7 February 2024
"Viktoria Pál's paintings are composed of contrasts, whether I think of their formal, color or content world.

They are at once unsettling and calming, strong and fragile, mysterious and straightforward, honest. This profound, painterly dramatic experience is at the heart of her visual thinking."
Painter Maria B. Raunio
12 February 2024

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